Instants de vie

Viviane Forrester Viviane Forrester

2019-01-24 08:42:01

Scott's Last Expedition

Beau Riffenburgh Beau Riffenburgh

2019-01-24 08:42:01

En plein cœur de la nuit

Robert Berger Robert Berger

2019-01-24 08:42:01

Le Songe d'une nuit d'été

Jules Supervielle Jules Supervielle

2019-01-23 08:42:01

Prester John

Henry Clarence Pitz Henry Clarence Pitz

2019-01-23 08:42:01

Hooper Humperdink ? Not Him!

Charles E. Martin Charles E. Martin

2019-01-23 08:42:01

The Complete Poems

Vivian de Sola Pinto Vivian de Sola Pinto

2019-01-23 08:42:01

O homem que via o trem passar

João Paulo Cuenca João Paulo Cuenca

2019-01-23 08:42:01

Der gute Mensch von Sezuan

Bruce Thompson Bruce Thompson

2019-01-23 08:42:01

The Definitive Time Machine (Visions Series)

Harry M. Geduld Harry M. Geduld

2019-01-23 08:42:01

King Edward the Third: A Historical Play

John Payne Collier John Payne Collier

2019-01-22 08:46:17

What books do you like?

Family life, sooner or later, turns into a gray routine. Once the exciting conversations until the morning subsided and communication comes in a couple of phrases at dinner. No, it's not because love has passed. Just two lives united into one. And there was nothing to talk about, because everything is common, everything is clear and does not require discussion. At such moments, the family is particularly prone to disintegration. Only one of its members will come up with an interesting interlocutor, and the other half automatically becomes uninteresting. To avoid such a turn, it is worth filling your life with interesting events, emotions, impressions. This will help make travel and books. And if you can afford to travel can not all, the books are available to everyone. In the books you will find many interesting stories that will add to your family topics for discussion. Imagination, given by books, brings into the gray family life that necessary zest, which again kindles the dying fire. Unfortunately, the easier and more accessible the herd to get a good book, the less interest the person shows to her. But in vain. Try to start reading. You will be surprised at how quickly and dramatically your relationships in the family will change.